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CRBO Launches New Car Rental Service at Art Basel 2022 in Miami

When Art Basel, one of the world’s biggest art events, comes to Miami November 29th through December 3rd, hundreds of guests and exhibitors are going to be very excited to see an all-new way to get around town. That’s because CRBO – the new person-to-person car rental service – will be driving around in two custom-wrapped vehicles to announce its launch in the greater Miami area.

car-rental app

Short for Car Rental Buy Owner, CRBO is an app-based platform that allows short-term vacation rental hosts to also offer rentals on vehicles they own. Guests get the convenience of having a car, truck, SUV, van, or even a scooter for traveling around the city, and hosts get additional income.

Why CRBO at Art Basel?

The concept is perfect for an event-based town like Miami, where travelers often stay in one location and then need a way to visit other hot spot destinations around town. For Art Basel alone, galleries and exhibitions are split between Miami Beach and the Design District, with only rideshare, traditional taxis, and limited shuttle service between the two locales. Nearly 80,000 people come to Miami during Art Basel – and even larger crowds are expected this year with it being Art Basel Miami’s 20th anniversary.

car-rental app

How Does Car Rental with CRBO Work?

Using the CRBO app (available on the App Store and Google Play), a person can choose to either host their vehicle or find a vacation rental property with a car rental in their selected destination. Hosts provide the details of the available vehicle, including any terms or conditions like no smoking or no pets, and CRBO provides vehicle tracking and insurance options for any potential renters. When renters log-on to look for a rental, they can also see listings for vacation rental properties in Miami (future cities will be added soon) that also provide access to a car or other vehicle. CRBO also works as an add-on to existing Airbnb and VRBO listings, allowing hosts to boost their vacation rental property listings by offering a car as an extra benefit.

Art Basel is CRBO’s preview launch – the custom vehicles are meant to build awareness for the new car-rental service so hosts and guests both sign up on the platform. As inventory and demand grows, CRBO then plans to launch in other cities throughout the U.S. Those interested in hosting or renting should sign-up for a free account today to be alerted when the app is live in their area.

CRBO highly values your safety and protection.

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